The frog and the mouse

How a Frog and Mouse Overcame Differences in an Enchanting Story

frog and mouse
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This is the story of a frog and mouse. Once there was a frog living in a Marsh. There was a mouse living in a hole near the same Marsh. Both mouse and frog are very good friends. One day both of them started fighting together. They were fighting over who would own Marsh. The frog was telling, that I am the owner of this Mars. And at the same time the mouse was arguing that I own this Marsh. Now this is getting worse. So both of them decided to solve this matter by a quick trick. Both of them picked a stick in their arms and used them like Spears. It was decided that whoever wins the fight will be the owner of Marsh. Now they started fighting with each other. Suddenly a hawk reached there. The hawk saw the fight between the mouse and the frog. The hawk was very hungry, so she sat down and caught both the frog and the mouse in her claws and flew away to her nest. 

Moral of the story

The story of frog and mouse teaches us that disunity invites trouble.

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