An amazing son

We should respect our elders

The story of an amazing son
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This story teaches us that we should respect our elders. Once a boy took his father to a restaurant. His father was very old and weak. While he was eating some of the food got dropped on a shirt and his clothes got dirty. The other people sitting inside the restaurant felt uncomfortable with this. But the boy was calm and silent. He was not at all in burrist with his father’s behaviour. The boy knew that his father was going old and was getting weaker day by day with the passing of age. Without wasting time the boy cleaned his father’s shirt and the entire people out there were watching this activity. Everybody was in silence to look at this. At the end the boy paid all the bills and walked out with his father. At that time an old man came to the boy and asked do you think you have left something behind? The son replied, No. I don’t think so. Then the old man said to him yes you have left something behind. The boy again asked him what is that? The man told the boy that you have left a lesson for everybody behind. And the lesson is every father should have a son like you.

Moral of the story

We should respect our elders. This story teaches us that we must/should respect our elders. We should never feel ashamed when they are old.

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