The slave and the lion story

the slave and the lion story
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This is the story of a hardworking and honest slave and a lion who was in pain. Once there was a very hard working slave. He was living a very hard life during his slavery days while living at his master’s house. So one day he decided to gain freedom from slavery. So he decided to run away from his master’s house. He then reached the forest where he saw a lion who was in pain. The lion had a big thorn on his leg. The sleep stopped and I felt sorry for the lion. He thought to help the line, so he took out the thorn slowly. The lion was very impressed with the slave’s help. But after them the line and the slave got captured by the soldiers. The slave’s master was very angry with the slave. So he had ordered his soldiers to grab the slave and throw him in front of the hungry lion in order to punish him. Now the slave was thrown in front of the hungry line. After that the master was amazed to see what the line was doing. The lion sat beside this live and started licking his hand. Now the king ask the slave. What is this happening? The slave replied the master once I had help the lion from pain full stop that is the reason he is not hurting me. The master was impressed with the slave. The master ordered his soldiers to free the slave and the lion. Now this slave was free to go anywhere and the lion was free to go to the forest.

Moral of the story

A kind deed always pays. When we do good things for others without thinking of any return, we always get good results. So be kind to everyone even its an animal.