The story of two friends and a bear

How Two Friends Outsmarted a Bear

The Bear And The Two Friends | Storyrack
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This is the story of two friends and a bear. Once there were two friends who were walking on a path through a jungle. There was no one in the jungle. Both of them became afraid when it started getting dark. All of a sudden, both of them heard the voice of a bear in the jungle. They got really afraid when they heard this voice. One of the boys knew how to climb the tree. So he climbed the nearest tree quickly without even thinking about his friend. The other boy did not know climbing so he laid on the ground to show the bear that he is dead.

The bear moved towards the boy who laid on the ground and moved his head around the boy’s head. It looked like the bear has whispered something in the boy’s ear. Then the bear went away. The boy was feeling relaxed when the bear didn’t harm him. The boy who had climbed the tree jumped on the ground and asked his friend. What did the bear whisper in your ear. His friend said: Don’t trust the friend who doesn’t care for you.


Moral of the story

We should always help our friends in need.

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