The story of the golden axe and a woodcutter

The Legend of the Golden Axe

story of a woodcutter and a golden axe

 This is the story of a woodcutter and the golden axe. Once there was a woodcutter. He was cutting the wood from the trees so that he could sell them and get some food for his living. Accidentally, his axe fell down into the river while he was cutting down the tree. He became very sad and sat at the bank of the river and started weeping.

Then, the God came out of the river and asked him the reason of weeping. The woodcutter told him his story how his axe had fall into the river. The God promised him to help him finding his axe from the river. He became very happy after hearing from the God. The God disappeared into the river and appeared again with a golden axe and asked the woodcutter if it was his axe. The woodcutter said that it was not his axe. God disappeared again and this time he came back with a silver axe. The woodcutter said that this was also not his axe. The God was very happy with the woodcutter’s honesty.

Now the God disappeared and came back with an iron axe this time. The woodcutter said that it was his axe. The God was impressed with his honesty. In return of his honesty the God gifted him both golden and silver axes.


Moral of the story

Honesty is the best policy.

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