The story of five fingers

The story of five fingers: Unity is strength

story of five fingers
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This is the story of five fingers fighting with each other who is more important. Once a thumb and the four fingers were fighting together and had an argument. Each finger was fighting that it was the most important finger in the hand.

Thumb says:

The thumb was saying, I am the most important one for eating, writing and holding anything.

Index finger says:

The Index finger is arguing that I am more important because I am needed in pointing out any thing.

Middle finger says:

Now the middle finger shouts, I am the most important one because I am the longest one among all the fingers. So I am naturally the leader of the fingers.

Ring finger says:

Now the ring finger replied I am the most important one because I am the symbol of romance and love. So I should be the leader of the fingers. I am decorated with a golden ring and I am very important during the marriage and family ceremonies.

Little finger says:

Now the little finger said at the end, no I am the smallest finger and I am the most beautiful finger. So I should be the owner of the hand and I should be the leader of the hand.

Owner of the hand:

At last, the voice comes out from the owner of the hand. Each one of you is important to me. I cannot do anything without any one of you. No one is more important and no one is weaker. All the fingers are equally important to me. Everybody stopped fighting with each other and started living happily and in harmony with one another.

Moral of the story

The story of five finger teaches us that unity is strength. Each finger is important because each of the fingers have their own dedicated work which cannot be done by the other. Like we have seen in the story how all the fingers are equally important to make our day to day tasks done. Without any finger, nothing is possible. So we should give respect to each other’s work equally and should underestimate anybody’s work whether its small or big.

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