The story of a cunning Fox and the Grapes

How the Cunning Fox Outsmarts its Prey

The fox and the the grapes story

This is the story of a cunning fox and the grapes. Once there was a cunning fox who was very very hungry. The fox was looking for some food to eat while roaming around in a jungle. It was a hot summer day. He tried a lot to get some food everywhere, but didn’t get anything to eat.

Then the cunning fox reached a vineyard (land of grapes) which had so many juicy grapes. The fox was very happy and excited to see the juicy grapes. The fox looked everywhere but found no one around. Then he decided to steal some of the grapes and started jumping high to catch the grapes. He jumped very high but couldn’t get the grapes as the grapes were too far from his reach. He tried this many times and started getting irritated too. Finally, he ended up in refusing them as he knew that he won’t be able to get them. The fox was very clever. He returned back without getting grapes and convinced to himself saying that the grapes were sour for sure.


Moral of the story

When we can’t get something, we pretend that we hate that thing and don’t need it.

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