Basic Addition worksheets with pictures

Download the worksheet with pictures to learn to add

What’s in these worksheets?

These are the basic addition worksheets for kindergarten kids with objects drawn on one side of the worksheet. Some of the worksheets have only the objects drawn and children need to add them and write the correct answer to the next side in the worksheet. In some worksheets, objects as well as numbers are written on one side, where children need to count the object, read the numbers, add them and write the correct answer on the other side. In some worksheets children need to count the objects and write or match with the correct number after adding the objects. There are additional worksheets also where you need to follow the instructions given in the worksheet for adding the objects or numbers.

Who are these worksheets for?

These worksheets are for kindergarten children ages 3 to 6 who have learned to write numbers or have not learned to recognize them. Worksheets with this type of activity are always liked by children and children are always engaged with these worksheets. These worksheets can be downloaded and given to children for practising during free time.

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