Color the letter blocks

Coloring the letter blocks

Engage your little ones with our captivating “Color the Blocks with Letters” worksheets! These delightful worksheets will not only help your child explore their creativity but also enhance their letter recognition skills. Get ready for a colorful learning adventure!

What are these worksheets about?

Looking for a fun and educational activity to engage your little ones? These worksheets are designed to combine the joy of coloring with the learning of letters. Each worksheet features a grid of blocks, with each block containing a different letter of the alphabet. The goal is to color the blocks according to the corresponding letters, providing a hands-on approach to letter recognition and coloring skills.

Color the upper case alphabet 'y' with red color and lower case alphabet 'y' with blue color
Y/y: Coloring blocks with letter ‘Y’ and ‘y’
Blocks with uppercase letter 'Z' and lowercase letter 'z'
Z/z: Coloring blocks with letter ‘Z’ and ‘z’

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