Color the pictures as per instructions in the worksheets

Coloring pages of different shapes and objects

Following are the different shapes and objects coloring worksheet pages for preschool kids where kids need to first identify what type of objects are there in the worksheet. Then kids need to color the objects as per the instructions given in the worksheets. Variety of worksheets are there which kids will definitely like to color e.g. coloring the different type of shapes objects pages like circles, square objects, rectangle objects triangle objects etc. Then There are various worksheets related to identifying vegetables, fruits and coloring them, identifying animals that live under the sea and coloring them, animals that can fly and animals that give us milk, identifying the odd shapes among similar shapes, completing the missing parts of objects and coloring them etc.

These worksheets are helpful for the kindergarten kids age from 3 to 7 years who are able to identify different shapes and objects visually. Download these worksheets by clicking on images in pdf format and take out the print and give it to the kids to enjoy coloring and learning.


Download the worksheets

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