How to tell time activity worksheets grade 1

Clock activity worksheets

These are the time-telling or clock activity work sheets for grade 1 kids to understand the time. Learning how to tell time using a clock is an important milestone for grade 1 students. This concept of time can be introduced by explaining the different parts of a clock. The hour hand, which is shorter which tells us the hour and the longer minute hand which tells us the minutes. Students can practice reading the time through digital and analog clocks.

This activity can be fun learning experience fun and hands-on, allowing students to understand the clock hands of the analog clocks. As they become more confident, they can move on to more advanced skills such as telling time to the nearest five minutes or even counting by fives on the clock. With continuous practice, kids will soon become proficient in the art of time-telling. Below are different kind of analog and digital clocks where kids need to either write the time, or draw the clock hands according to the time written etc.

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