Greater than less than worksheets for grade 1

Less than greater than worksheet for class 1

These are the worksheet related to the activities of less than , greater than or equal than for class 1 kids.

In the early elementary years or class 1, students are usually introduced to the fundamental mathematical idea of greater than and less than. It helps children’s understanding of the relative sizes of numbers and sets the groundwork for after that of addition, subtraction, and other more difficult mathematical concepts. The relationship between the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols and kindergarten numbers is explained as follows:

Below are the worksheet for grade 1 where kids will learn the concept of greater than, less than or equal. Children just need to fill out the empty boxes or blank spaces with correct inequality symbol < or >. You can download these worksheets by clicking on the images in pdf format. Take out the print and enjoy learning numbers.

Download the worksheets

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